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Instagram, and all its glory.

ever wondered were all of your wasted hours go, the hole where productivity, creativity and all the other 'ivitys' go? well head to the settings in your iPhone (will have to enquire about other mobile brands as I have an iPhone) and find 'screen time' here lies the horrifying truth of the wasted hours on your phone over the last 7 days and shockingly I find 8 HOURS of my life is scrolling through the pits of Instagram. I cant think of the damage this is doing to my poor brain but with added down time in my life right now I find I am not utilising it to the best of my ability. That being said, while scrolling into the abiss i stumbled apon a beautiful account going by the name of 'kizzy_and_etties_ponies'. to see the source of these photos.

There is something about the pure wildness of their page and story that makes me home sick for my old life back in Norfolk, and the memories of plodding about on my aunties ponies undoubtedly sparked something creative inside me. As a child I didn't own any brave pants like the 5 year old Kizzy above, it took me until I was 17 and my first loan pony Mossy to even understand I had to get some and fast, but I constantly was on the look out it absorb any information on these magnificent beasts as I could.

Perhaps my obsession started from watching my cousins lead the life I wish I had
Charlotte my cousin on misty the wonder pony

As a child watching my two cousins Charlotte (6 months older then me), and Kristy (1 year younger then me), zoom about the country on their 4 legged devils I longed to catch up to them, but alas my mum had her fear pants on and never let me join in unless tethered to the end of a lead rope, which lacks all the fun in my books. So instead, I turned to as many books as my local library stored. Some, looking back, quite factual in their information but most missing a wealth of knowledge that children like me craved.

Horseball is a crazy sport i picked up in UNI which combines Rugby Quiddich and horses
Horse ball and the undeniably adorable Alfie.

Ten years on however I am proud to say slowly getting there, after not liking the atmosphere at the university riding lessons I opted for a more unconventional sport that would satisfy my need for the four legged friends. Horse ball, It required you to be competent in walk trot canter and can confidently do all three while dropping the reins. I had already acquired these skills with Moss but after attempting one session I was ready to stick in for more, some how that can do attitude landed me on the NTU equestrian committee and captain of the horseball teams which perhaps explains the name Eggqui Sk(eggs) my name and (Equi)estrian the sports involving horses. But still unsatisfied with what I missed out on as a kid I am setting of on learning more about horses and how to convey factual information to children of Kizzys age in a fun and engaging way. i may have been that 8 year old trying to comprehend 'The BHS complete manual of: Stable management' but i can guaranty most nine year old's haven't got time for that.

So for now I introduce you to the first draft, inspired by Kizzie and Etties Pony Adventures, of my adorably plump pony that will be a main character for a book aimed at 3-5 year olds about the adventures of __(childs_name)__ and __(ponies_name)__. so far the concept and initial sketches are a working progress but a sneak peak into where instagram has taken my brain us always fun.

Eggqui love, chloe. x

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